Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A few of my favourite things!

These are my dressmaking scissors. 11" long(28cm)

I found them in the Hobart Resource Center on Elizabeth Street.(This is a shop that sells things that people bring to the tip to be put into landfill but they rescue these items and sell them as a not for profit organization. good job.

I paid $6 for them (I knocked $2 off the price) they were rusted and seized I gave them a coat of anti rust and them repeated the process a couple of times.

I then sent them to be sharpened at The Knife shop (also in Elizabeth street in Hobart) and for the sum of $12 they were sharpened and put back together and wrapped in newspaper and brown paper with sissal string. The gentleman that sharpened them looked around from the back of the shop and told me "you'll be happy with how they sharpened up!"

at the time I was taken back by his confidence...but he did SUCH a good job with sharpening them and taking care to wrap them carefully up for me, that I will recommend him again and again.

so basically these scissors cost me $18 AUD. I'm stoked.

A great price for a quality pair of English--John OXLEY of Sheffield scissors.

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Carrotsandsmarties said...

Hi Allison - I just stumbled onto your blog and I am so envious of that piece of teak furniture. Then I saw your picture of your rescued Singer - I have a link to the big Singer Yahoo group for you -
it's called "We fix it" and there are a lot of Old sewing machine guys and gals there who give lots of great info and advice on fixing up some of those old machines. I don't know much about that particular machine myself, but if you have problems with it, the Wefixit group is very valuable.
And I Love your scissors story. I almost wish I lived there too 'cause I'd love to have that sharpenening guy work on an old pair that I have, alas, I am in Eastern Canada.
Keep blogging and finding.