Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vintage Knitting

Friend or Foe?

My idea to learn to knit was a fairly long process. I felt like knitting was for boring old people and that sewing cute little 1960's dresses was the thing for me. I then discovered I was forced to spend atleast 2.5 hours on bus a day....what can I do? you can't sew a whole dress on the bus!

Vintage knitting.

So I am learning from the VERY beginning as I never had a crafty anyone around to teach me about this stuff. I went and found some vintage knitting patterns and bought some needles and started.

Tip 1. Invest in metal knitting needles. (I snapped my cute vintage ones 75% into a project and then had to frog it)

Tip. 2 Frogging is the name given to the process of unraveling knitted stuff.

Tip 3. You can RECYCLE wool. There's tutorials out there and if you start with a good knitted o0bject and the right know-how it is a piece of cake.

Tip 4. skimming over the vintage instructions won't insure you can atually do what the instructions say as they are usually worded for smart know-how not complete beginners.


I found an awesome blog.

check it out if you can.

Today I Made.


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Veronica Darling... said...

You are sounding very clever already! Can't wait to see your pics!