Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bespoke- By Richard Anderson (Book Review)

 Bespoke-Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson LTD


What could be better than a book about the first hand experiences of a Richard Anderson as young apprentice that worked in Huntsman on Savile row?

I'm really loving this book due to the detailed discriptions of the quality and precision that goes into Huntsman clothing. I work in an industrial estate 5 days a week and each night hurry home to do some sewing and to read this book. I have picked up a lot of sewing hints about fiting and cutting and I would definitely recomend this book to any keen sewer. Be warned you may never want to wear RTW clothing again! I know I don't!

p.s I was also chuffed to know that an apprentice of Richard Anderson is a lady called Rebecca Devlin from Australia...yay!

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