Sunday, March 17, 2013

1930's DIY Trimming

Flat trimmings are quite frequently relieved by jabots, frills, and ruffles. The smartest of these frilly trimmings are finished with irregular edges, not merely scalloped edges, but irregular scallops as shown here in the enlarged view of the jabot of the dress in the sketch.

The lattice trimming down the front of the dress is made of bias bands of the dress material cut to be three quarters of an inch wide, finished. Mark the lattice design first on the dress with pencil or chalk. To do this mark the centre front ol the dress with a line of basting, cut a three inch square of paper, place it on the line as at K, and draw around it to outline squares one below the other. Place the jabot at the neckline, then baste and stitch the bias band over the chalk line as shown here.

To make this jabot, cut two pieces of material six inches long and five inches deep, place the two pieces face to face, mark scallops at ends as at A, and stitch along mark- ings as at B. Cut away material near stitching, slashing curves and points as at C. Turn right side out, press scallops, and shirr through centre as at D.

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