Thursday, September 5, 2013

The 20's 30's 40's dress

I've been working on this dress or the last week it's been tricky at times and I still have the zipper to attach and to try and clip the collar and stitch it to get it to stay down. I am a bit worried that my bodice hangs too low on me I was going to take the shoulder seams in a little to raise it up but i think i will just add a little shoulder pad and a little self fabric belt if i have enough fabric leftover.

the inspiration : the colour is inpired by 1920's peach lingerie.
                        the frills around the neckline are inspired by the 1930's
                        and the horizontal pleats are inspired by the 1940's (and the whole fabric is covered in tiny                             pleats which is what making this dress a tad difficult!

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