Sunday, November 22, 2009

Planning fo Winter = dresses and skirts.

This winter I'd like to make some nice/comfortable dresses that I can wear with some coloured stockings and some little fal o high-heeled boots.Id prefer 3/4 length sleeves but with a pretty neckline..

this is my butterick pattern 4029 from the 1960's.

I'm mainly going to use vintage knit fabris...because tweed is so exspensive and rare to come across.

I'd also like to make a ring scarf.
and I have a pattern for a cowl neck jumper that i'd like to adapt and make into a sweater dress...may be a mini.

winter comes around quickly here so i'll have to get cracking.

the vogue pattern is's ugly and kind of odd...but i hope I can just make the jumper underneath the dress thing...and obviously not pull the neck over my head.


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Veronica Darling... said...

I like the white vintage dress in the picture. It's heard to find low necklines in vintage shift dresses, and I often modify mine to suit the daring bustline of 2000s.