Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vintage fabric-- quilt planning

I found so much of this fabirc is the largest loom size I've ever seen and I got about 8m worth of it...for $8.00 which i thought was reasonable for such a huge piece of fabric. I really like the subtle tones in this fabric...and the way the fabric feels as it is a medium weight cotton. I actually have enough to make a doona cover paired with a plain cotton on the back and a set of pillopw casses and a large patchwork quilt too.

i think the print on it's own is ok but really i just liked the colours.

i'm really looking forward to having a non-clothing project.
I used to hate patchwork because of their over the top purple versus orange colour schemes or when they are brown or something...i just really hate the ärt quilts" because they always look like someones throw-up on them.

mind you this floral will probably make some feel sick too....ahwell..tough.

p.s the fabric print is actually larger and wider spaced than this photo i just scanned it in and shrunk it down.


jenny said...

Hello! I just found your blog today and I just want to say that my heart has simultaneously stopped and pounded furiously. Your taste just about perfectly mirrors mine in what I believe are all things lovely. Thank you! If it is alright with you, I would like to add your blog under my favorite list on mine.


Eithne said...

Hi, I was wondering what is the full name of the book of the Encloypedia for home sewing? I've tried goggling it but to no avail. Can you tell me the author perhaps? Hope you don't mind the questios, I really enjoy your blog.

Allison said...

Hey Eithne! yes I can give you the title it is...Enclopedia of Home Sewingand it was published by Marshall Cavendish Books LImited in 1977 and 1979. hpoefully you will be able to find it as I have seen it about in second hand shops here in TAsmania quite a few times...hopefully someones selling a copy online(if you want instructions for this project or anything I can scan it for you?)


Allison said...

Hey Jenny,

Thanks so much for your comments! I tried looking at your blog but I couldn't get it to display! I hope you have a great new year! thanks for checking out my blog.


Eithne said...

thanks Allison! I found it on abe books. Looking forward to looking through it. Thanks for offering to share pattern but I'm addicted to sewing books so looking forward to getting it. Looking forward to seeing your quilt!