Sunday, January 3, 2010

Woven Padded Quilt

so here's my idea...I really like this quilt(from Encylopedia of home sewing 1979 edition) this quilt looks really squishy and kind of has a Father Ted vibe about it, in the way the photograph is styled. It does remind me of places in Ireland.

The quilt is made by creating individual padded tubes that are then woven together. The pattern recommends contrasting fabrics so i'm not really sure the fabric in my last post will work with anything else.(plus the quilt require heaps of fabric) may be the floral with just a plain cream colour? or co-ordinating blueish-grey?

not sure......still wondering.



Veronica Darling... said...

I got that same book at an op shop just recently, so know the quilt you mean! I reckon take a colour from your floral fabric, say the green or the pink and find a basic strong drill fabric that matches it and then have plain and floral interwoven.

It would be so warm because it'll double up with cushiony bits. I wonder though it it'll take AGES to make?

JustGail said...

Beautiful fabric! If I were to make this, I think I'd also use a green or darker pink. A lavender color would also be good. Perhaps a ticking stripe would be better than a plain fabric if you wanted to stay with lighter colors, or gingham pattern?

meena meena said...

ive passed on a blog award to you, because your blog is so special and makes me smile.