Thursday, August 12, 2010

$ 3 chair restoration --before and after

desk still not quite finished(still needs sanding and danish oil)

I just bought these chairs for $3 each and i'm pretty chuffed, i really love them...the orange is ok for now and needs a good air out and clean...but the lines of the chairs are clean and uncluttered and in that warm oak colour that all my furniture seems to be.

i've already got the sander out on the verandah sanding down the chairs... and the sun is really nice.

anyway these are good for the moment and they're really solid. I have to find some new fabric to go on these chairs preferablly something that won't date too much in an awesome colour.

these are two more finds i got at the local tip.

i put together this little lamp out of a tiny little three inch heavy lamp base and then found a natural linen lamp shade to go over the top the total cost was only $3 and i'm sure it would cost me a lot more to buy a lamp from freedom like this.

the stuff people throw out is usually doesn't require much effotr or skill to get something back up to a nice looking standard.

it's good that i haven't spent more than $25 on all this furniture...and if i feel like changing it over its not a big deal as it's not precious(or expensive)

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